Friday, June 17, 2016

“Water on Mars” by Fauna Twin – A Song Review

     “Water on Mars” is a dichotomy. It is both minimalistic and highly textured. It is haughty, yet uplifting. I't soothing and yet somewhat disturbing.
     The song is the first release from Fauna Twin, a duo with roots in France and Wales. The members are Claire Jacquemard (Paris) and Owain Ginsberg (Llanberis). Until “Water on Mars,” the duo was known as PANKHABILLI.
     At the start of “Water on Mars,” the focus is on Jacquemard’s vocals and an uncomplicated piano, with some shoegaze guitar almost hiding in the back. At the 0:40 mark, the piano temporarily makes way for percussion. Instrumental transitions regularly occur as the song progresses. But the transitions are seamlessly held together by the grandeur of the vocals.

     “Water on Mars” by Fauna Twin

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