Saturday, June 4, 2016

Folks We Oughta Know – The June Version

      On a semi-regular basis, a post is dedicated to the Indie Folk genre. This one is long overdue. Welcome to the June installment of the series.

     It’s not a knock on the other features of the song, since there is much to like, but we most strongly favor the background vocals of “woo who” in Tom Speight’s “Falling.” Some Internet searching causes us to believe that the voice belongs to Olly Knights. With regard to the lyrics, Speight is joined by Rachel Sermanni.
     “Falling” by Tom Speight

     Staying with the attractiveness of background vocals, “Mother” features male/female harmonization that grabs and then firmly holds the attention of a listener. The song is from Chicago’s Magical Beasts. The current members are Nathan Paulus, John Herbst, Ross Martens, Sharon Hoyer, Ethan Pikas, and Josh Miller. Their Facebook page adds, “once and always: Lauren Gregory, Danah Olivetree, Fredrick Contino, Ted Martens.”
     “Mother” by Magical Beasts

     This is not the first mention of Dustin Tebbutt in Indie Obsessive. We hope it isn’t the last. Tebbutt’s music is a valued import from Australia.
     "First Light" by Dustin Tubbett

     “New Start” is a single from Jolé, who identifies his hometown as Brighton via Somerset.

     Wolfie's Just Fine is the performance name of Jon Lajoie from Montreal.
     “It's a Job” by Wolfie's Just Fine 

     Pop, Folk or Pop/Folk? Doesn’t matter, we like “Good Life” by Anthem Academy.
David Andronico - Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards
Mike Costello - Guitar/Banjo/Backing Vocals/Drums


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