Friday, June 3, 2016

The Augustines Are Headed to The Bottom of the Hill

     Sometimes a European band will be so heavily influenced by the Nashville sound, it is easy to assume the band is based in the U.S. Augustines take a different tack. The Brooklyn band has its sails aligned with a Scottish wind. The alignment extends to their drinking – during a prior visit to San Francisco, lead singer Billy McCarthy began the encore with a microphone in one hand and a whiskey bottle in the other. It only added to the charm of the evening and the engagement of the band with the people in attendance.

     Augustines will return to San Francisco on July 28. This performance will be at Bottom of the Hill. For ticket information, CLICK HERE.
     The band’s LP “This Is Your Life” will be released on June 10. The LP includes ten tracks, two of which are included below. Quoting the email submission:
   "Two questions that Augustines had swirling around their minds when they set off in the deep winter of 2015 to begin writing songs for their third album. Songs birthed from William McCarthy’s travels and times spent in Thai Town, Los Angeles; Dublin, Ireland; and Devon, England, as well as Eric Sanderson’s experiences rooting down in his Brooklyn studio near the waterfront. Much of it was projection - a flashback to one of the many faces seen on the road with the band, or on one of McCarthy’s many cross-country motorcycle pilgrimages. Putting himself in the shoes of those people and writing a way out of the blues. While the road does get lonely, he saw hope there as well. Everyone weaves in and out of being an outsider in their lifetime."

     “Are We Alive” by Augustines

“When Things Fall Apart” by Augustines

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