Saturday, June 18, 2016

“Help” by Amy Milner – A Song Review

     Amy Milner has a voice that doesn’t need help. A higher than average level of vocal processing may be used to mask a lower than average level of vocal skill. The song “Help” relies on reverb and other processing techniques, but they accentuate the power and purity of Milner’s voice, rather than covering limitations.
     “Help” is a gentle, emotional plea set in words that show a maturity that is typically beyond the reach of a 21-year-old. “You say you don’t care; and there’s no reason to wear that armor everywhere. I want you to know me; to know me.” That verse is followed by the first of many reverb-packed, stand-alone cries of “Help.” Each cry of “Help” is worthy of attention. But it’s the section that begins at the 1:49 mark that reduces the listener to an inarticulate utterance of “Wow!” At 1:49 Amy Milner reveals her vocal strength.   

     According to the press materials from her label (Aesop):
  “Between her debut single "Have It All" and new single, "Help," Amy Milner is quickly proving her deftness for writing beautiful and gracefully executed ethereal pop. Written on the same piano she inherited from her Grandparents and took lessons on when she was 5 years old, Help’s dichotomy is one of power and vulnerability, a gentle calm of Amy’s voice as she seeks light through clarity underpinned by a distorted bridge that teeters on the edge of collapse.
  The confidence in Amy’s songwriting comes in large part from the security she takes in that childhood piano, 15 years spent exploring the ins and outs of every cracked key and squeaky pedal evokes its own connection to Amy that allows her to write with such classic intent.”

      “Help” by Amy Milner

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