Monday, June 27, 2016

“Where Are We Heading” by lost/ctrl – A Song Review

     Nu-Wave – a genre that fuses “now” and “new wave.” A fusion of the current direction of music and the 1980s. That is one explanation of the genre. lost/ctrl is a band that geographically resides in Eindhoven, Netherlands and musically resides in Nu-Wave. They call their music “danceable depression.”
     The lyrics of “Where Are We Heading” include a number of questions, but the direction of the song is well-defined. Particularly at the start, the guitars provide the main support. The keys and percussion play vital roles in the tempo changes, while the driving is left to the guitars.

     The members of lost/ctrl are Serge Romme (vocals), Jeroen van Vugt (guitar), Wessel van der Spek (guitar), Mart Hazebrouck (drums), Bram van Zuylen (keys), and Erwin Schara (bass). 
     “Where Are We Heading” by lost/ctrl

     “The Only Thing She Said” by lost/ctrl

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