Wednesday, June 8, 2016

“West Coast” by Junior Empire – A Song Review

     “West Coast” arrives as if carried by Blue October, which is our “go to band” when looking for music that can take a listener to a dark place without causing a glooming attitude. We’re fans of that band. Then, the vocals arrive as if carried by The Mispers, which is our “go to band” when looking for attractive voice quiver. We’re fans of that band too. Just before the one-minute mark of “West Coast,” additional voices make their contributions, and still later (at about 2:25), the edgy guitar makes its entrance. “West Coast” is a song by Junior Empire. We’re now fans of that band!

     Well, that was the thought process as we repeatedly listened to “West Coast.” After finishing the paragraph, we hit the Internet search engine and soon recognized the names of members of Junior Empire. This is the Mispers!!! The members are Jack Balfour Scott (lead vocals), Joey Arnold Zapata (rhythm guitar, vocals), Diego Porto Belmonte (lead guitar), Hannah van den Brul (violin, vocals), and Jordan Gaetano Grispino (drums). 

     In describing the song “West Coast,” Junior Empire stated:
“Woooooaaaahhh (life be like crazy) Here's a little taste of Junior Empire!!!!!! We wrote this one about our first time living in LA. Open roads and the underlying feeling that nothing is permanent and a vacuous future of endless opportunity awaits. In other words, when you’ve just become single (sigh).”
     What??? Living in LA? We remember The Mispers’ visit to California, when they were forced to cancel their San Francisco performance because the other bands on the bill flaked out (still haven’t forgiven those other bands). But these guys have been living in London, right?

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