Wednesday, July 27, 2016

“Alluria” by Dear Boy – A Song Review

     Some days call for a song with guitars that are passionate without being demanding, floating without being directionless, and light while having substance. On those days, “Alluria” should be toward the top of the playlist. The song belongs to Dear Boy, a four-member band based in Los Angeles.
     Lyrically, “Alluria” is about a relationship headed toward extinction: “Alluria, give me a reason to stay; just tell me something to change my mind, and a promise to get carried away.” Vocally, the song is praiseworthy – the vocalization is effective in conveying the sentiment behind the lyrics.
     Still, the guitars place “Alluria” ahead of other songs that are deservedly receiving attention in the Indie world. In listening to the guitar work, it’s clear that considerable care was taken in each stage, from the original composing, to the arranging, and through the mixing. The result is a composition in which the contributing elements are interesting, but individually cannot be used to explain the draw to “Alluria.” At times, a simple strum is maintained through a verse, while the vocals and percussion are featured. At other times, there are short bursts in which the guitars are isolated. The attractiveness of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts – synergy.

     The members of Dear Boy are Ben Grey (lead vocals, guitar), Keith Cooper (drums, vocals), Austin Hayman (guitar, vocals), and Nils Bue (bass, vocals). 
     “Alluria” by Dear Boy

     “Blond Bones” by Dear Boy

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