Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dominant Female Vocals – The July Post

     The common feature among the songs in this post is a heavy reliance upon female vocals. A song with vocals which accompany equally powerful instrumentation would not qualify. The vocals must dominate the song.

     LYRA is scheduled to release her debut EP, “W.I.L.D.” (Wake – Induced Lucid Dream) on July 15. At least until then, it’s difficult to discover information about this powerful singer/songwriter. LYRA is Irish and plays a Celtic percussion instrument, the bodhran. The bodhran is a hand-held drum, so it’s not likely the source of the tribal drums of “Broken Down.”
     “Broken Down” by LYRA

     Emily Jane White is a singer/songwriter in Oakland, California. The song “Frozen Garden” is on the album “They Moved in Shadow All Together" (out July 8, 2016).

      The third singer/songwriter is British/Colombian Vanessa Forero. She is a multi-instrumentalist who released a 5-track EP in March 2016. The EP is entitled “From The Uproar” and includes the song “Heaven Knows.”
     “Heaven Knows” by Vanessa Forero

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