Monday, July 18, 2016

“Plungepool” by Hot Dreams – A Song Review

     Guitar-driven crescendos with punctuated peaks are near the top of the list of favorite song characteristics. “Plungepool” includes two that are well executed. The first starts at 0:48 and has a percussive punctuation beginning at 1:02. Listening closely, the punctuation is a percussion build near the end of a guitar build. The second crescendo is subtler in its build, but more emphatic in its punctuation. At 1:48, the vocals clear the way for the guitars to provide the intensity build, but a vocal yell at 2:02 cooperates with the percussion to provide the punctuation.

     “Plungepool” is the debut release of Hot Dreams. The band is based in London and is comprised of Cam Fyall (drums, vocals), Kai Fennell (lead vocals, guitar), Aaron Clarke (bass, vocals), and Alex Bloomfield (guitar, keys, vocals). The same four members previously went under the name Pocket Money.
     “Plungepool” by Hot Dreams

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