Tuesday, July 26, 2016

“Even the Dark Don’t Hide It” by Magnolia Electric Co. - A Song Review

  Everyone was shocked by the news of the death of Magnolia Electric Co. frontman, Jason Molina, in 2013. However, this song, originally released on his 2005 live album “Trials & Errors,” is testimony enough to the legacy this fantastic musician has left the world of Indie Rock. The studio version of the track also made an appearance on “What Comes After the Blues,” which was released later that year.

  The song itself is a perfect recipe. The rolling mid-tempo guitar riffs and haunting lyrics make for a classic anthem, beautifully accented with climatic choruses. His obvious Country influence and the strong southern twang in his voice makes this song powerfully reminiscent of music icon, Neil Young.
  If you aren’t familiar with Young’s work, there's an excellent documentary entitled "Heart of Gold," which is available on U.S. Netflix. For those watching from overseas you can find information on how to gain access by visiting: https://securethoughts.com/how-to-watch-american-netflix/.

  Lyrically, Molina has always outdone himself. He's quick to spin metaphors while still retaining his simple, colloquial style. Traditionally exploring the darker corners of our world, "Even the Dark Don't Hide It" successfully follows suite, hinting at betrayals, suffering and the struggles of being human. Wonderfully humorous at points, deeply distressing at others, lyrically this song is an emotional masterpiece. Combined with the classic Molina musical style, it makes for an epic finished product, which is bound to ensure his legacy isn’t forgotten just yet.
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