Friday, July 22, 2016

Outside Lands Festival – Early Starters

     If you’re like most of us heading to the San Francisco festival in fourteen days, you’re not as prepared as you’d like to be. Sure, you know most of the bands performing within the last few hours of each day – LCD Soundsystem, Radiohead, Lionel Richie, Lana Del Rey …. But what about the bands that have early start times?
     Here are some recommendations of bands with start times within the first three hours of each day. It's a good time to enjoy the festival atmosphere - the festival population is still low, the bands are entertaining, and there are choices to be made. 

     Friday at 1:30 on the Panhandle Stage – Moon Taxi.
If you’ve been watching the Tour de France television coverage, you have heard a song by Moon Taxi. “All Day All Night” in the music on a McDonald’s commercial. The connection to a fast food chain may not go over well in a city like San Francisco, but this is one of the best (or the best) Southern Rock bands in Indie. 

     Saturday at 12:00 on the Sutro Stage – Julien Baker
Maybe the noon start is from concern that her style isn’t well suited for a festival atmosphere. We don’t share that concern! We’ve seen her twice this year and will be as close as possible for this third opportunity. 

     Friday at 1:15 on the Sutro Stage – Caveman
This is not the first Outside Lands visit by Caveman. This time they arrive with a larger discography.  

     Friday at 2:05 on the Lands End Stage – Ra Ra Riot
It’s a little surprising that a band with this level of notoriety has such an early start. Their music isn’t within our list of favorite genres, but good music is good regardless of tastes.  

     Saturday at 2:35 on the Sutro Stage – Ibeyi
Ibeyi is a duo comprising twin sisters of French-Cuban descent. The sisters are Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz. 

     Saturday at 12:45 on the Lands End Stage - Lewis Del Mar
Lewis Del Mar appeared on the James Corden show and proved to be entertaining.

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