Thursday, July 7, 2016

“Better” by Soto Voce – A Song Review

      During “Better,” the strength of the grip that the vocals hold on the attention of the listener may prevent full appreciation of the supporting instrumentation. If so, it’s a mistake. Soto Voce have skills beyond captivating vocals. The intro is instrument-driven, but it’s not until the 1:44 mark (the blue arrow in the below pic) that the carefully considered arrangement and mixing step forward. And it’s not until the 3:37 mark (green arrow) that the vocals step aside and permit the instrumentation to take control. 

     “Better” is the debut release of Soto Voce, a duo based in Oakland, California. The members are Kenny Soto and Miguel De Vivo. So, their performance name is based partially on the names of the members and partially on the musical term “sotto voce” for singing at a lowered volume.
     “Better” by Soto Voce 

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