Tuesday, July 12, 2016

“No Worries Gonna Find Us” by Plants and Animals – A Song Review

     A recent obsession involved vocal layering - when dissimilar lyrics are sung simultaneous to achieve a vocal texturing beyond that of harmonization. But while vocal layering is a feature we continue to enjoy, Indie Obsessive underappreciates instrumental layering – when different instruments seem to follow different melodies or even time signatures. Perhaps we just have more difficulty processing the layering of instruments. It feels as if mistakes are occurring; or one musician is being disrespectful of the others, similar to talk radio/televsion guests who talk over each other.
     One exception to our underappreciation is “No Worries Gonna Find Us” by Plants and Animals. For a short time at the start of the song and for a much longer time at its end (starting at 3:46), the instrumental layering plays an important role. The layering enhances our enjoyment of the song, rather than being a distraction from the elements we enjoy.

     Plants and Animals is a Montreal trio comprising Warren Spicer (guitar, vocals), Matthew Woodley (drums, vocals), and Nicolas Basque (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals).  

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