Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sykoya and LOWES. – UK Trios

     We are hereby obsessed with recent offerings from two bands with much in common, but which stand separate and strong. They are both trios and are based in the UK. Both use piano to create the desired atmosphere. Most significantly, Sykoya and LOWES are fronted by female vocalists with breathtaking power and purity.   

     Sykoya is London-based. The members are Anna Marcella (lead vocals, synth). Joe Cross (bass, synth, backing vocals), and Curtis ElVidge (drums). The song “The Wolf” is on their EP, “Strange Night,” released in May 2016. In “The Wolf,” the vocals of Marcella often soar, which is a description we try to avoid because of its overuse. But the single-syllable frequency variations that often characterize the vocals are best defined as soars. As an example, starting at 1:27, a word ("lie") ascends through a range of frequencies before we hear "with me." 
      “The Wolf" by Sykoya

      “Awake at Night” is the Soundcloud debut of LOWES. The band name is from Lancaster and comprises Evie Plumb (lead vocals, keys), Jamie Walker (guitar, backing vocals), and Luke Paget (drums, backing vocals).
     “Awake at Night” by LOWES.

Lyrics of “Awake at Night” by LOWES.
Lights Off, eyes open,
Lie still, mind racing
Colors flash and fade
Night turns to day
I'm still, holding on to something,
thinking I can make you change
Who am I to be so wrong,
Thinking that you need me when I'm gone.

So I close my eyes,
I'll force you from my mind,
Awake at night,
You go round and round,
Feel so low,
And all I ever hear, is “just let go,”
But you go round and round and round.

A thousand hours spent,
Wondering what you meant,
Nothing matters no,
This numbness hurts somehow
I'm still, holding on to something,
Thinking I can make you change
Who am I to be so wrong,
Thinking that you need me when I'm gone.

[Repeat chorus]

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