Wednesday, May 2, 2018

“About Time” by BRYNN – A Song Review

      South Africa is the new Iceland. Geographically, the two countries are almost literally polar opposites. But musically, the comparison is fair. A few years ago, the music universe awakened to the quality, quantity and variety of music from Iceland (Kaleo, Of Monsters and Men, Björk, Sigur Rós…). There are signs that South Africa is experiencing a similar overdue appreciation for the quality of the country’s music and the talent of its musicians.

     The Cape Town band BRYNN is an example, although they separate from the instruments and beats that characterize the territory. One of the five members is a violinist and in the song “About Time,” a fugal horn is given a significant role. The fugal horn is more aligned with Europe. BRYNN adds conventional Rock elements to the less common Indie ingredients to generate a power that pulses throughout the song.

     “About Time” is embedded in three formats (Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube). Our recommendation is to watch the video, since it provides insights into the personalities of the musicians and the passion behind the song’s message. The track is an anthem, although one that inspires via self-awareness more than a call to rally together. The message is existential, while still explaining that we have support systems:
Don’t have to be so afraid
To allow yourself
To let go
Cause those you love
They’re right there behind you
They’ll catch you
If you fall

      The song has a flow despite its many ebbs. That is, the recurring shifts in emphasis and power are evident while listening to “About Time,” yet the song has a calming fluidity. The above seven lines of the lyrics begin around 1:35 (Soundcloud) with a strong emphasis on vocals. Between the third and fourth lines, the vocals temporarily step aside for the instruments. In the final line, the spotlight is shared, as “fall” is sustained while the instruments again jump forward.

     BRYNN is Jules Terea (vocals, rhythm guitar), David Van Vuuren (lead guitar), Hezron Chetty (violin), Alex Smillie (bass), and Eddy Kriel (drums). “About Time” features Lee Thomson on flugal horn and Francesca Biancoli with backing vocals.

     “About Time” by BRYNN – A Song Review

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