Thursday, May 31, 2018

“Black Cloud” by Postdata – A Song Review

     “Black Cloud” has an eerie, almost haunting vibe that would be suitable for a soundtrack of a drug smuggling movie. The song ends with thunderous percussion and demands of “Give me the drug.”

     “Black Cloud” is a song from Postdata, a supergroup fronted by Paul Murphy of Wintersleep. Other contributors are Grant Hutchison and Andy Monaghan (both of Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit, which sadly lost its frontman), Simone Pace (Blonde Redhead), and Wintersleep’s Loel Campbell and Tim D’Eon.

     The song is one of ten tracks on “Let’s Be Wilderness” which is available via Paper Bag Records. Quoting content from the label’s site:
  “I want my body back: Mama, I’m contaminated,” Murphy submits wearily on the chorus. The imagery came from a dream in which his bedroom was consumed in a dark cloud, while the lyrics developed after he watched a documentary on soldiers returning home with PTSD. The film depicted how some soldiers repurposed their uniforms into pieces of art as part of the healing process. It struck Murphy as “trying to change the meaning of the symbol for them and to be able to create and dictate the meaning of their uniforms in their own terms.”
  The track is a window into a key tenet of Murphy’s songwriting: empathy. “It's kind of told from the perspective of someone who is trying to empathize or help someone who is in a desperate headspace,” he explains. “I've always been intrigued or interested in arriving at a place of empathy in a situation you can't really understand.”

     “Black Cloud” by Postdata

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