Friday, May 18, 2018

“Burn Me Up” by RIVVRS – A Song Review

     RIVVRS has been reinvented. That’s confirmed with the fourth single from his upcoming album, “Cosmic Dream.” Bands (Radiohead) and solo artists (Bob Dylan) sometimes change the direction or sound that characterizes their music. “Burn Me Up” is RIVVRS’ most recent investment in the soulfulness of his voice and songwriting. Indie Obsessive has also made the investment in RIVVRS.

     It might not be good writing, but it is easier to describe the soulful reinvention in terms of what it is not, rather than what it is. RIVVRS is not taking residence in an area he hasn’t visited in the past. His 2016 song “Surrender” carries a soulfulness. And it is not to say that this year’s four releases lock RIVVRS into a single sound. Among the recent four tracks is “Don’t Wanna Know,” which can be fairly described as Soulful Americana, while “Burn Me Up” is more of a ballad.

      “Burn Me Up” croons “I want you.” Prior to the reinvention, RIVVRS had a bouncy track by that title. Both songs have merit, but “Burn Me Up” has an attraction that is more likely to endure. There is a passion that is felt from the start, as RIVVRS explains, “It’s hard to see the light, when both my  hands are tied behind my back.”

      As we noted in an earlier post:
      RIVVRS is among the performers in the Friday lineup of Napa’s sold-out BottleRock Festival. It will be something of a homecoming. After high school, RIVVRS (aka Brandon Zahursky) moved from San Bruno to Napa, where he worked in the wine industry. He has since relocated to Los Angeles.

     “Burn Me Up” by RIVVRS


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