Tuesday, May 29, 2018

“Medicine” by JC Stewart – A Song Review

     The sophistication and elegance of “Medicine” are shaped by its layers of contrast. The lushness of the vocals contrasts with the sparseness of the instrumental support. Piano walks beside the voices through much of the song, with percussion being predominantly what sounds like a kick drum and wood-on-wood rhythm. Thus, while the instruments take a minimalist approach, the vocals are increasingly expansive.

     Additionally, the anguish in the lead vocals of JC Stewart contrasts with the near triumphant resolve in the gospel choir-like chorus. During the early occurrences of the chorus, the voices are united in the lyrics. In the final minute of “Medicine,” Stewart and the backing vocals stray from each other, providing a multi-dimensioned texture.

     There is even contrast in the message of “Medicine,” based the common perception of love as being a joyous emotion. Still, while love is pain, it’s a consequence that should be embraced:
If love is pain
Set me on fire
Keep lifting me higher
In your flames

If love is pain
Throw me in the water
When I’m going under
Save me again

     Speaking about the song’s inspiration JC Stewart explains “Medicine started as a couple of lines in a deleted note on my phone. I went over the chorus melody again and again for about 4 months before I figured it out! Over the awe-inspiring setting of building a set of flat pack drawers in a Brighton student house, it just popped into my head and that was really it. It’s a super simple song with real lyrics which is why I think I connect to it so much. I am so excited for people to be able to hear it and the other songs coming out over the next few months!”

     Stewart is a singer/songwriter who now resides in Belfast, but was born in the small town of Magherafelt, Co. Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

     “Medicine” by JC Stewart

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  1. Hello, I'm Brazilian and I do not understand much of English, I looked in several places and I did not find the lyrics of this song, could you tell me?