Sunday, May 6, 2018

Cleanin’ Out My Closet (of Deserving Songs)

     Deserving songs sometimes undeservedly stay too long on our list of tracks to feature. Because of time constraints, the best solution is to generate a post with the more songs and less introduction than the norm. It’s time to partially clean out the closet.

     “Breathe Out The Fumes” by Lake Jons – a song the starts interestingly, then becomes blogworthy when the percussion jumps into control.

     ”Berlin Wall” by Modern Crusoe, who is Chris Bindloss in Santa Barbara.

     “Here Be Dragons” by Rattlerette (Los Angeles)

          “Year of the Blond” by Tough Uncle from Melbourne, Australia.

     The next three tracks are from Dante, a band from Edinburgh, Scotland. They are Seán McLaughlin, Stephen Thom, Vicky Gray, Ruaridh Kidd, Stuart Hosking and Craig MacLeod.
     “Beachcomber” by Dante

     “Rose” by Dante

     “Sermons” by Dante


  1. These are all such good finds for the changing seasons and warmer weather! Glad I stumbled upon this post.

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