Monday, May 21, 2018

Cleanin’ Out My Closet (of Deserving Songs) - May 2018, Part II

     We periodically look at the songs that have been listed for mention, but have undeservedly remained on the list for too long. Assuming we still find the songs blogworthy, we dedicate a post to them, although they may be in very different genres. Today, it’s time to clean out the closet. This is the second such Spring cleaning this month.
    The five members of the UK band Speak, Brother are James Herring (vocals, guitar), Nathan Morris (bass), Matthew Cotterill (keys), Sam Oakes, and Dan Smith (percussion).

      “Magnesium Burn” by Speak, Brother

Like a dog off the lead,
I'll run till I can't breathe,
And feed this deep magnesium burn.

The Hurricane,
It roars inside this chest.
These padded walls have made me tame.

I'm not afraid
You make me brave
I'm not afraid
You make me brave
Now just run

Our hands in the dirt,
And we'd laugh until it hurt,
But this stagnant air it clouds my mind.

The hunt for the edge,
Melt these chains around my neck.
The ground has left my feet behind.

     Shanghai Blues are also from the UK. The four members of the guitar-driven band are childhood friends hailing from Walthamstow, East London.

     “Fall” by Shanghai Blues 

      Staying in Europe, but visiting the Folk genre, we are fans of Natalie Migdal, who is a singer/songwriter violinist in Stockholm, Sweden.  

     “I've Run Out Of Words” by Natalie Migdal

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