Tuesday, May 29, 2018

“Socotra” by Two Face Twin – A Song Review

     Two Face Twin is Carla Fellinger and Janick Pfenninger in Zürich, Switzerland. Janick is the founder and lead singer of the band Tim Freitag. Carla is working on a solo project and on her Master’s Degree in Pop Singing at the Zurich University of the Arts.

     According to their creative bio:
  At their birth in the Hawaiian wasteland, the twins Carla Fellinger and Janick Pfenninger were still anatomically attached via their little pinkies. A nuclear accident changed all that, in the blink of an eye, severing their uniovular unity, irrevocably. Lost and uncoupled from each other, they aimlessly wandered the earth until the unfathomable vagaries of fate re-joined them on the island of Socotra during a 3-week Ayurveda retreat for felines. From the time of that reunion, the twins swore never again to lose sight of each other and to, henceforth, irradiate the music world as TWO FACE TWIN.

     “Socotra” by Two Face Twin 

The Woman: Natalie Neumann
The Man: Omar Hetata
Directed by: Henry Gillis
Edit: Janick Pfenninger
Studio-Shots: Achille Lietha (www.fluxif.com)
Lorenzo Demenga: Runner
Color Grading: Dion Merz

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