Tuesday, May 15, 2018

“Get Out” by Kentrails – A Song Review

     Melancholy, passive aggressive, mundane, despondent – these are descriptors that are seldom employed in a complimentary context, unless the discussion is about music. But impactful music embraces, communicates, and even transfers emotion. “Get Out” is impactful in its passive aggressive approach to experiencing the drudgeries of following life’s rules and meeting its expectations.

     “Get Out” is a study in contrast. Lyrically, the song begins with identifying the reality of rules that can’t be broken and paths that can’t be walked. Soon, there is a declaration of independence – “I won’t play captive anymore.” At the conclusion, the attitude is a defiant one. Until that time, acoustic instruments walk along with the lyrics with a bounce that isn’t aligned with the stated frustrations. And the relaxed guitars, piano, and whistling are misaligned from the urgency of the percussion (think Kurt Cobain with an acoustic guitar while Dave Grohl takes liberties on the drums). Still, all the elements seem tailored for each other.

     Kentrails is a solo artist who remains something of a mystery. He is from Wollongong, Australia. In describing “Get Out,” Kentrails asked:
  “Have you ever had one of those days, when, no matter how hard you try, nothing goes right and your left feeling unappreciated and you’ve just had enough? Have you ever felt the urge to scream? Get Out embraces these emotions and empowers the listener to make a stand. The whistle is a tribute to those that fought and lost as one day we all realise that -  ‘life often gets in the way of living.’ It really is the small things that matter the most. Everything else should get out!”

     “Get Out” by Kentrails

Lyrics of “Get Out” by Kentrails
With all the rules that can’t be broken
And all the paths that can’t be walked
I’m thinking about
Acting on my own frustrations

Because the world has got you down
The institution is a joke
Hey, I gotta shake my fist
I’m gonna jam it in your face

Maybe we will find
A will for our escape
And leave this structured crime behind
Someday we'll find
There’s better brighter days ahead now
And it might just be tomorrow

Walk the line for you
They've made your bed
The box is sealed
And the windows closed

We all know the truth is freedom’s dead
The accuser’s loud
But it’s not his house

Get out now
I won’t be made
Not part of this game
I won’t be spoon-fed
I forsaken this
Get away
Get away
Get out


  1. Fantastic. where will you be playing live next to hear all your arrangements of your album

  2. fantastic. where will you be playing next so i can hear all your work live