Tuesday, May 8, 2018

“Silent Minds” by Emma McGrath – A Song Review

     Emma McGrath has been writing her material since 12, some half dozen years ago. Her 2018 EP has six strong tracks, with the title track, “Silent Minds,” being our favorite. The composition shows her sophistication; and the level of production shows that the people around her have the sophistication to recognize the dawn of talent.

     Emma McGrath is a singer-songwriter from Harpenden, North London. Quoting the email submission:
  “Over the past 18 months Emma has been working hard building up a close network of writers who have helped to develop her craft and hone her sound. Recognising this,The PRS Foundation recently awarded Emma a Women Make Music grant for the development and subsequent release of a mini album. She is now recording with several highly qualified and exciting producers including: Grammy Award winning Jimmy Hogarth, Brit School alumni Jackson and Rhiannon Mair.”

     “Silent Minds” by Emma McGrath 

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