Saturday, December 16, 2017

Best Indie Songs of 2017 - Songs 21-30

     This is the third set of ten Indie songs of 2016. We acknowledge the fact that it is difficult to rank the tracks. If the process were repeated sometime next month, some shuffling would certainly occur. The bias is towards bands and artists who are not receiving the attention they desire.

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     21.  “Hemlock Blues” by Divining Rod (from the post of September 27)

     22.  “What Are We Fighting For” by The Federal Empire (from the post of June 21)

     23.  “Rain in Soho“ by The Mountain Goats (from the post of May 29)

     24.  “Simmer Down” by SuperGlu (from the post of December 3)

     25.  “Sometimes You Just Drive” by Michael Chapman (from the post of January 10)

     26.   “Cheer Up Charlie” by The Social Animals (from the post of November 7)

     27.  “Cool” by The Hunter Express (from the post of November 17)

     28.  “Did I Offend You?” by Lauren Ruth Ward (from the post of April 18)

     29.  "Break Down Your Walls" by Nelson Can 

     30.  “Never Have Time” by The Royal Foundry (from the post of May 11)

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  1. Enjoyed many of these this year, The Royal Foundry, Lauren etc. Cheers for the introductions. :)