Wednesday, April 18, 2018

“Kids On The Corner” by The People The Poet – A Song Review

     Seldom is the name of a band so fitting as with The People The Poet. Their songs are poetic in handling topics to which most people can readily relate. The thoughts-set-to-melody band from South Wales recently released a 12-track album, “A Short Obsession With Time,” via AntiFragile Music. The album speaks to the thinking of the young, when the only concern is with the present, as well as the thoughts of adults struggling with the passage of time. The album has a theme, but the individual tracks easily stand on their own.

     “Kids On The Corner” portrays the mindset of the young – carefree, athletic, and loved despite being troublemakers, but blind to the realities of life. More poetically:
We were time-wasters
We were trouble markers
We were running at the speed of light
Running off into the night
Living without consequences
Jumping over all the fences
Angels in our mothers’ eyes
So oblivious to the coroner and his lies. 

       “Where The Dandelions Roar” is a song reflecting on childhood memories. Of the twelve tracks on “A Short Obsession With Time,” this is the one that best takes advantage of the band's vocal skills. The Rock guitars also play an important role.

     “Where Did The Year Go” similarly looks back at the passage of time. We mention this track because of its Angels & Airwaves style guitar. 

          The People The Poet are based in South Wales, UK. The members are Leon Stanford (vocals), Tyla Campbell (guitar), Lewis Roswell (drums), Pete Mills (bass guitar).

     “Kids On The Corner” by The People The Poet 

Lyrics of “Where The Dandelions Roar” by The People The Poet
There’s a field full of memories
Behind my parent’s house
Full of bluebells that I picked for my mother
I must have picked them all one summer

Cause they never ring or grow there anymore
Still, there’s a field full of memories
I can see from my back door
I can see from my back door
Where the dandelions roar
Where the dandelions roar

Oh, the trees looked so tall and wise
Some days I’d climb them
Just to see the world through their eyes
Other days I sat in a burnt out car
And I’d drive my imagination wild

Cause in my very own garden
That taught me to grow
In my very own garden
Where I rolled over snow
‘Til my fingers were red
They were red as a rose
They were cut by the cold

Where the dandelions roar
Where the dandelions roar
Where the dandelions
Where they roar

Where they roar
They roar

Where the buttercups drink up all the rain
Where the daisies never break the chain
Where the wind blows down the stream
I run beside them
All the way to Fairhill Lane
All the way to Fairhill Lane
Where the dandelions roar
They roar

Run, run, run
Your imagination wild
Let it run, run, run
As wild as a child

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