Saturday, April 14, 2018

“Spiked” by Bilk – A Song Review

     Bilk generate lyrics from the perspective of those near their age (18) and then set their lyrics to a rhythm with appeal across generations. It worked well for their first single, “Give Up.” Now comes “Spiked.”

     As the title implies, “Spiked” is about a drink laced with another substance, which in this case was unexpected. At least that’s the suspicion of the person who was given the drink. Lead singer Sol Abraham explains “Spiked" as a "story of when I went to a house party and I think someone might of spiked my drink, ‘cause I was proper mangled. And I could barely remember anything the next morning."

     Bilk is from Essex. The members are Sol Abrahams (vocals, guitar), Luke Hare (bass), and James Holland (drums).

     “Spiked” by Bilk 

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