Sunday, April 22, 2018

“Living In The Moment” by Mars Motel – A Song Review

     As a strong follow-up to “It’s Here Tonight,” Brooklyn’s Mars Motel dropped “Living In The Moment.” Vocalist Sarik Kumar explains, "It’s a song about youth and independence, and the lyrics touch upon the time when one leaves home and goes out into the world. But upon returning, the place you once remembered and loved so much somehow feels different and unfamiliar."

    The members of Mars Motel are Sarik Kumar (Vox & Guitar), Wesley Wynne (Guitar), Jordan Lipp (Drums) & Justin Lieberthal (Bass), Mars Motel's future single releases are slated to release throughout the year, with a follow up live EP in the works.

     “Living In The Moment” by Mars Motel 


  1. Giving me David Bowie Black Star vibes

    1. Very cool - We appreciate the epic comparison!

      -- Sarik // Mars Motel

  2. Agreed - awesome track. Congratulations!