Sunday, June 17, 2018

“Cassidy” by An Echoic – A Song Review

     An Echoic is the project of Swedish singer/songwriter Martin Kihlstedt, The song “Cassidy” showcases his vocal strengths. Lyrically, the song is the story of a man who survives the woman who brought out the best in him.

Quoting the bio:
What started as a solo experiment in 2016 after dropping out of jazz school became a solid artistic project for Martin Kihlstedt, Swedish singer-songwriter based in Canada. His first EP got the attention of Swedish radio in 2017, getting signed to Rexius Records the same year. “Headless Heathen”, the first artistic result from this collaboration, was released as a digital single on June 1st, 2018.

     “Cassidy” by An Echoic 

Lyrics of “Cassidy” by An Echoic
Spent my days a renegade
A lonely man can’t make it living when
Misery is all he’s ever made

Lived but had been better dead
Right before a woman came and
Saved the so-called life I never had

And only she knew
Deep down who
I really was

A few years we had
Free at last
Ran out and then
Came to an end

Born in a hole, and down I fell
Until I had your hand to hold and
Lips to bid this gruesome pain farewell

Had made one too many enemies
That wished to settle their distant memories
They couldn’t just wait to take you away from me

Living here, been living hell
Ever since you went away
A cage the walls, I want to tear them down
Cause this house ain’t no home without you
Going mad, I even shot the dog
But the poor old boy could barely even walk
Jealous I am, he rests his head
Tucked in tight beneath your garden bed
The bastard got his eye for eye
When he snuck up to the bed you lay
And avenged his only daughter and his wife

And then there was this one night
A couple weeks before he came for you
I remember us naked in the cold sand
Side by side, hand in hand
I remember not being able to tell where
The boundaries of my body ended or where yours began
But then again, I still can’t

And you forgave the bloodshed
How can I forgive myself for
Leaving you to die alone in our bed

Cause living here been living hell
Ever since you went away
I’m locking the door and I’m hitting the road now
This house ain’t no home without you
The sun falls bright on highway lines
I see a glimpse of your eyes in the sky as it fades
Came the dark, he brought the night
But I step the gas to make the horizon line
No other place I’d rather be
Than bound for you my Cassidy
To burning heat and fiery red
I’d be happy now even if I was dead

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