Sunday, March 31, 2013

Three for Free

     It’s Easter Sunday, so there is time for only three quick hits. But they are Free, Legal and Recommended downloads. 

     The first is some shoegaze from Greensboro, North Carolina. The band is Jenny Besetzt, but the name is deceiving. It is not a band that features someone named Jenny Besetzt. In fact, there is no one named Jenny or Besetzt in the band. “Besetzt is German for “possessed.” Guitarists John Wollaber and Brad Morton don’t sound possessed, but in concert their progressions could cause some head spinning. The other members are drummer Reed Benjamin, bassist Jeff Bechtel and keyboardist Justin Flythe.
     "She Was an Evergreen Tree" by Jenny Besetzt

     Staying with featuring the guitar, but after crossing an ocean, the second bad is The Cads. Based in the U.K. (Ipswich), the band released theit debut album in 2012. The album is "Lessons: Illustrated," which includes nine songs. "Artaud" is our favorite, but it's not the only one that deserves attention.
     Artaud" by The Cads

     "Skin" by The Cads

   Finally, we have Backwood Sun from Jakarta, Indonesia. This was one of the offerings of the February 15th MAP release. The band members are Lim Rendy (vocals and guitar), Chandra Wijaya (bass and vocals), Bowo Pranoto (guitar Sampling), Martiud (Keys) and Ready Febrian (Drums). The song is "Seven Shadows, which is described by the band as being about a dream regarding the final days of the earth.
     "Seven Shadows" by Backwood Sun

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