Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Day 2013 Discoveries

     Maybe we’re just late to the party, again. But today we heard two songs we consider blogworthy. Since the preference is toward the number three, we added a song to the discoveries. Technically, The Districts released “Funeral Beds” in 2012. However, the band recently signed with the record label Fat Possum and the song resurfaced this month as something of a promise of an upcoming LP release. Currently, the release date is identified as January 28, 2014. 
     The Districts is based in Pennsylvania and its members are Rob Grote (guitar, vocals), Mark Larson (guitar), Connor Jacobus, (bass), and Braden Lawrence (percussion).
     “Funeral Beds” has a dark side, but we have always appreciated the emotion that travels with such songs.

     Red Panda is the sole project of Brian Oakes, who is based in Bemidji, Minnesota. The song “Emma” grabbed our attention. The echoed vocalization is effective and the electric guitar works well with the acoustic guitar. But the song is at its best after the transition that occurs at the 2:57 mark. 
     "Emma" is currently a free download.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brian-Oakes-Red-Panda/

     Prince of Spain is a Seattle band. The band and its hometown have one thing in common - they both trigger the question, “How can the good music keep coming with such rapidity?” Their Facebook page was started in 2013, but music has been dropping regularly. “Find Love” hit Bandcamp on August 13 and “Rising Sun” hit on August 27. “Away We Go” and “Brothers” arrived in September. Then, other songs joined in the band’s debut album “His Majesty,” which dropped in October. Our personal favorites are “Find Love” and “Brothers,” but “Explore” is not far behind.   
     Truth is, Prince of Spain had a running start, since the duo The Scene Aesthetic flowed into Prince of Spain. But the only thing that really matters is that the music is now available for all of us to appreciate.  
      “Find Love” by Prince of Spain

      “Brothers” by Prince of Spain

      “Explre” by Prince of Spain

Website: http://www.princeofspainmusic.com/
     For at least today, the song "Find Love" is being offered for the price of an email address (and hopefully a tip). 

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