Friday, April 17, 2015

“Awake” by Folly & the Hunter – A Song Review

      We received an email invitation to revisit the sound of Folly & the Hunter. “Awake” is the title track of the band’s upcoming album (May 26 release). “Awake” has the warm vocals of the band’s 2013 releases. And like those on the previous album, the song takes advantage of having four members who are skilled with their instruments and possess appealing voices.
     On the other hand, a difference is that this first song from the upcoming album has a more upbeat pace and an arguably more positive lyrical feel. The final line of “Awake” is “I am staying right here” (the lyrics are in the above picture – click to enlarge). In comparison, the verses from the songs on the previous album were more likely to describe leaving the situation behind. The title track of the 2013 album, “Tragic Care,” began “I am stuck upon a ship; All the rowers lost their grips.” We’re looking forward to hearing the other ten songs from “Awake.”

     Folly & the Hunter are a Canadian band based in Montreal.The four members are Nick Vallee (lead vocals, guitar), Laurie Torres (vocals, drums, piano, guitar, synths, vibraphone, glockenspiel), Christopher Fox (vocals, bass, organs, piano, vibraphone, synths) and Phil Creamer (vocals, drums, piano, wurlitzer, guitar, vibraphone, glockenspiel, banjo). The violin and the cello that play important roles on “Awake” are contributed by Kate Maloney and Justin Wright, respectively.
     “Awake” by Folly & the Hunter

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