Sunday, April 5, 2015

“Parallel World” by Sisters On Wire – A Song Review

     After noticing a Twitter “follow” from the band, we listened to “Parallel World” by Sisters On Wire. The song started with guitars with the quality, timbre and texture of the Post Rock genre. We had confidence that we at least identified the band’s genre. But the confidence fell apart when vocals made an entrance. Regardless of genre, “Parallel World” proved to be a pleasant surprise. The Facebook site of Sisters On Wire refers to their genre as a mixture of Pop and Rock. Specifically, the band describes the genre as, “Kinda cute, kinda hot, kinda sexy rock with a twist of pop, or maybe, twist with a pop of rock or... whatever.”

     Sisters On Wire is based in Vilnius, Lithuania. The members are Oleg Jerochin (lead vocals, guitar), Filip Gusev (guitars) and Gintas Gascevicius (drums).
     “Parallel World” by Sisters On Wire - The band is currently offering the song as a free download.

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