Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Songs from the Desktop – April 2015

     It’s common for us to purchase a song or for bands to temporarily allow downloads from Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Noisetrade or a particular website (Seattle’s great KEXP site being the best example). But at times, we will obtain the song and (unfortunately and inexplicably) forget about it within your clutter of icons. Then, when we clean up the desktop, we write a post about the rediscoveries.

     Blind Lake is the name of the Swedish duo formed by Lotta Wenglén (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, vocals…) and Måns Wieslander (guitar, drums, bass, vocals…). The Facebook page of Blind Lake identifies the genre as “New wave Pop/Sci-fi Folk.” That may sound schizophrenic, but the music doesn’t have the personality disorder that’s characteristic of the human disease. In “Walk beside Me,” the song flows among different personalities, but it does so in a seamless, carefully considered manner.
     “Walk beside Me” by Blind Lake - This is the first single out from the forthcoming album "On earth." Album release June 9, 2015. (Currently, this is a free download CLICK HERE.)

     Little Suns is based in Montreal, Canada, but the band’s orchestral sound is influenced by the Romanian and Hungarian meanderings of members John Aaron Cockburn and Robin Meyer–MacLeod. The other members are Matt Smith, Liam Smith and Daniel Grewal.
      “Where Do People Go When They Go Away” by Little Suns

     “Kelly” by American Wrestlers is a song that will be appreciated by fans of the vocal skills of Thomas Mars, the lead singer of Phoenix. But American Wrestlers isn’t merely defined by the vocals. “Kelly” starts out low fidelity, but transitions to an increased fidelity at the one-minute mark. American Wrestlers is Gary McClure, a transplant to the U.S. from Scotland.
     “Kelly” by American Wrestlers – a song about a victim (Kelly Thomas) of police brutality, allegedly. 

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