Thursday, April 30, 2015

“The Recluse” by Cursive - Remastered

      Twice in the last few months, we were listening to a satellite radio station (XMU channel 35) and heard the song “The Recluse” by Cursive. The playlist of this station has a focus on recently released music, so it’s uncommon for a song from 2003 to be in the rotation often enough for us to happen to hear it twice within three months. A little research gave us the reason – in November 2014, Cursive expanded and reissued their breakthrough album “The Ugly Organ.”
      It is also uncommon for us to enjoy a twelve year old song so much more than when it was first released. Maybe it’s partially a result of an increased appreciation for Modest Mouse music. There are similarities. Regardless of the reason, "The Recluse" is in our playlist of songs that we currently consider favorites.

     According to Wikipedia, the current members of this Omaha, Nebraska band are:
Tim Kasher – lead vocals, guitars, organ (1995–1998, 1999–present)
Matt Maginn – bass, backing vocals (1995–1998, 1999–present)
Ted Stevens – guitars, backing vocals (1999–present)
Cully Symington – drums, percussion (2009–present)
     “The Recluse” by Cursive

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