Friday, April 10, 2015

ness – A Band Review

     We checked the blogger playground (Hype Machine) and didn’t find any songs from ness, despite passage of more than two months since the release of their EP “A Second to Think.” We still doubt our search skills. Is ness really beyond the atmosphere of the blogosphere? The duo is far more deserving than bands receiving regular attention.
     The Facebook page of ness identifies their origin as New York and Tel Aviv. It also states that ness is a self-taught songwriting and production duo that records on a laptop in a basement. They are Jesse Weisberg (20) and Ethan Peck (23).
     “Behind the Couch” by ness. The charming child laughter at the start grabs the listener’s attention and megaphone-like vocals don’t let it get away.  

     “No Worries” by ness. We like this song from its start. And then it gets better!


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