Monday, April 27, 2015

Lyrical Directives – Three Songs

     We know, we know. This blog post is a stretch. Our excuse is that we like all three songs, so we’re just grabbing an opportunity to promote them.
     Sometimes lyrics will tell the listener the direction of a song. It dates back at least as far as 1965, when Herman’s Hermits released "I'm Henery VIII, I Am," which lyrically included the announcement, “Second verse, same as the first.”  

      DMA’s is a trio based in Newtown, Australia. The members are Tommy O'Dell, Matt Mason and Johnny Took. They will tour the U.S. in 2015, including the San Francisco music festival “Outside Lands.” Their song “Delete” uses lyrical layering during its second half, but it’s the introduction of the chorus that qualifies the song for this post. Twice, the statement “I'll find a chorus now” is followed by the chorus:
You know that I belong to be, reflections of myself
Let it all out, just let it all out
To fight the feeling


     Sego is a duo from Mapleton, Utah, but they currently use Los Angeles as a base. The members are Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carroll. The genre of their song “20 Years Tall” can be described as babbling punk – it goes so far as to use the lyric “blah, blah, blah…” But the song qualifies for this post because it announces its completion with the directive, “Roll credits!


     Yes, this is the biggest stretch, since the lyric states, “And as the orchestra comes in,” (at 2:24) and the strings don’t enter on cue. Still, the song has an instrumental depth and vocal richness that justify the reference to an orchestra. “Leave the Door Wide Open” is a song by Black English, a band in Echo Park, California. Last year, the band changed its name from NO (less confusion). Black English will perform at the Bottlerock music festival in Napa Valley on Saturday May 30.

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