Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Mispers Are Visiting San Francisco

     Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco will host The Mispers on June 18, 2015. We immediately purchased the six-ticket maximum. According to the tickets, The Mispers were able to get Boots as the headliner for their performance. Well played guys (and Hannah)!

     UPDATE! Boots canceled. Ex Cops, which was scheduled to perform between The Mispers and Boots will headline, at least as of today (May 10). Hopefully, this will translate into more stage by The Mispers. Refunds are available, but we're not looking for one.

     We revisited one of our first posts about The Mispers (March 9, 2014). We continue to believe that the band is poised for a breakout. The reasoning:
   1. The Mispers have a track (“Brother”) that is strong enough to draw attention to the band. When a band has a "hit” song, attention expands to the other songs from the band.
   2. The Mispers are not a one-and-done band. The song “Trading Cards” has much going for it. And the tracks "Weekend," “Coasts” and "Emilie” are very solid.
   3. The lead vocals (Jack Balfour Scott) are distinctive enough to attract music lovers who are always looking for something fresh, but not so different to discourage individuals who prefer that their music fit neatly within a particular mold.
   4. The band includes a non-standard instrument, the violin of Hannah van den Brul, which sets the band apart from the norm. We particularly enjoy the violin intro in “Brother."
   5. Hannah also sings, so there is a male/female vocal blend that gives the music more depth.
   6. The guitar work (Diego Porto Belmonte and Joey Arnold Zapata) is quick and clean, such as the guitar that enters at the 0:15 mark in “Brother.” This is a band that forces difficult choices as to where to watch when there is the opportunity to see a live performance.
   7. The percussion (Jordan Gaetono Grispino) is allowed to regularly show itself in ways involving more than drumsticks against drumheads, such as the wood-to-metal sound of the drumstick against rim.
   8. The songs of The Mispers feature “energy shifts” that maintain the interest of the listener, such as the shifts within “Trading Cards.”
     We are running low on releases by The Mispers that we haven’t previously posted and praised. Embedded below is “Postman.”

     But our personal favorite is still “Brother.”

     Ticket information for the show at Rickshaw Stop is available at
     Information about the three bands is in the below picture (click on the picture to enlarge).

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