Monday, April 20, 2015

Two Redirections – Samuel Ford and Secret Company

      There are many similarities between composing a song and writing a short story. One similarity is that length typically limits the composition to a single flow. A song may have a three-part structure of vocals, instrumental, and vocals, but the three parts are built around a single melody. There are exceptions. In the literary world, O. Henry was known for his short stories with surprise endings. In the musical world, there are songs that travel along smoothly before reaching a point that causes a listener to ask, “Where did that come from?” Here are two such songs.
     Samuel Ford is based in London, but his Facebook page states that he hails from Rye. His song “Ballet” travels along smoothly before reaching a didn’t-see-that-coming moment at the 2:50 mark.

      Secret Company is also from the U.K. The band claims Chelmsford as a hometown. The members are Scott Revell (vocals, guitar), James Patman (guitar), Kushal Gupta (bass) and Tim Reyland (drums). The song “Holding On” has a redirection that occurs in stages. The drums provide an introduction at about 2:25, a guitar steps it up a notch at 2:34, and the song is fully redirected with the second guitar taking over at 3:02. In “Holding On,” the song returns to its original “direction” at the 3:27 mark.

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