Thursday, April 23, 2015

Folks We Oughta Know – The April Version

     This is the April post dedicated to the Indie Folk genre. We thought the March post was perhaps the best in the semi-regular series, but April’s is at least as strong. Either our tastes are changing or the genre is experiencing a surge.
     It’s not the first time this brother/sister duo has been in a “Folks We Oughta Know” post. Southern were introduced to Indie Obsessive in 2013, when they released the Rock/Folk track “Shout It.” Thom and Lucy Southern are also known as “this is…Southern,” probably because it’s expensive to purchase social media rights for their surname – Southern. The duo is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
     The most recent release from Southern is “Lone Driver.” The song is less Folk (more Rock and Blues) than other tracks from the duo, but it still qualifies for this post.


     Sloes is a quintet based in London. Like Southern, the music of Sloes is much more of a genre fusion than it is Folk. Sloes’ sound is orchestral and a soft blend of electric and acoustic. Until last month, the band name was Amberland. The members are Jerome Clark (vocals, samples, drum machine), Paul William Hand (guitar, backing vocals, keys), Luke Coare (drums), and siblings Jo Milnes (bass, backing vocals, keys) and Katie Elizabeth Milnes (violin, backing vocals, keys).
      “Devil in Me” by Sloes

     Buddha in a Chocolate Box released “The Feast” more than a year ago. But it only shows 160 plays of the Soundcloud upload. Wait, another band with a name change! Yes, the Melbourne, Australia band is changing its name to The Settlement because:
   (a) religious connotations of the original name and 
   (b) the Cat Stevens attachment, 
   (c) the name no longer represents the band’s music and 
   (d) it was a “bloody mouthful.” 
The members are Adrian Calvano (pipes, guitar), Matty Pitman (violin), Shane Baker (bass), Gav Kelly (skins) and Jase Mulley (guitar).
     “The Feast” is anthemic – DON”T GIVE IN! It is also available as a free download.

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