Thursday, April 16, 2015

“The House” by Le Volume Courbe – A Song Review

     Quoting George Peppard’s character in the 1980’s television program The A-Team, “I love it when a plan comes together.” The quote is appropriate because this plan involved persons who stepped forward during the ‘80s. The plan? Bring together musicians from different genres for a collaboration that benefits from elements of those genres.
     The song is “The House” by Le Volume Courbe. The collaborators were Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine fame (shoegaze) and John Parish (PJ Harvey). Martin Duffy of the Rock band Primal Scream was a part of the collaboration, but his involvement appears to be limited to the the song on the “AA Side,” namely “Monte Dans Mon Ambulance.”
     Le Volume Courbe is based in England, but is primarily French-born Charlotte Marionneau. The band name is French for “the volume curves,” which is a sculpture by friend of Marionneau. In addition to Marionneau and Kevin Shields (playing a toy gun, according to the band), musicians who contributed to “The House” are Melanie Draisey, Chris Mackin, Theodore Hall, Lascelle Gordon, and Barney Slater.

     “The House” by Le Volume Courbe

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