Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Common Tongues, Tongues. and Royal Tongues – Song Introductions

     Within a few hours, we bumped into two songs by bands with related names. Because we prefer to post in multiples of three, we hunted down another song by a band with the word “tongues” in the band name.
     Common Tongues is flying under the radar in the United States. That will change if “Overturning” is given the attention it deserves. The song almost seamlessly interweaves a variety of features that appear and then are just as quickly gone. As examples, the kick drum fits well with the vocals and guitars starting at 1:04, a violin temporarily surfaces at 1:40, and shoegaze guitar is not featured until the end of the song (around 3:18, with the violin resurfaced). The vocals are primarily responsible for the seamlessness, but are assisted by the guitar and keyboard hooks.
    Common Tongues is from Brighton, UK. The members are Tom Anderson (guitar, vocals), Oli Hinkins (guitar), Andrew Stuart-Buttle (violin, keyboards), James Drohan (drums) and Beau Barnard (bass).
     “Overturning” by Common Tongues

     Tongues. Is a synthrock artist from Glasgow. UK. His day-to-day name is Tim Kwant.  The song “Religion” makes use of a vocoder, particularly in the opening minute.
     “Religion” by Tongues.

     Royal Tongues combined with Little Daylight in the song “Cut Me Loose.” Royal Tongues is a duo based in Buffalo, New York. The members are Aaron Bonus and Justin Gammella. Little Daylight is also in New York (Brooklyn). Its members are Nikki Taylor, Matt Lewkowicz, and Eric Zeiler.
     “Cut Me Loose"

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