Monday, August 17, 2015

Young Empires and Swimm Visit San Francisco – A Concert Opportunity

     On September 12, Neck of the Woods will host two bands that individually more than justify the $10 cost of admission. Together, the bands make the Saturday event a clear bargain. The bands are Young Empires from Toronto, Canada and Swimm from Los Angeles (originally from Florida). For ticket information, CLICK HERE.
    Neck of the Woods is a San Francisco venue that doesn't receive the attention it deserves. It includes a Downstairs Lounge with a capacity of 150 and an Upstairs Venue that accommodates approximately 500 music fans. Young Empires and Swimm will be upstairs on September 12. A more complete schedule of the upcoming tour of Young Empires is at the bottom of this post. Swimm will join them for three of the stops in California, as well as the visits to Oregon and Washington.

     In June, we posted “The Gates” by Young Empire. It will be the title track on the upcoming release of the band’s album. The release date is September 4. “Uncover Your Eyes” is another track. The members of Young Empires are Matthew Vlahovich (vocals and keys), Jacob Palahnuk (guitar), and Taylor Hill (drums).
"The Gates"

“Uncover Your Eyes”

     Swimm is a duo formed of Chris Hess and Adam Winn. They are planning to release a six-track EP (“Beverly Hells”) on August 28. “Belly” is one of the songs.

Tour Dates of Young Empires (Warning: Information about the opening bands is less than perfect.)
Venue Location
Aug-22 Georgetown, Canada
Sep-03 Toronto, Canada
Sep-04 Sarnia, Canada
Sep-05 Edmonton, Canada
Sep-06 Calgary, Canada
Sep-08 San Diego, CA
Sep-09 Fullerton, CA
Sep-11 Los Angeles, CA
Sep-12 San Francisco, CA
Sep-15 Portland, OR
Sep-16 Seattle, WA
Sep-17 Vancouver, Canada
Sep-19 Victoria, Canada
Sep-26 Cincinnati, OH
Sep-27 Chicago, IL
Oct-24 Buffalo, NY

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