Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Strangers of Various Types

     After receiving a Twitter “follow” from Well-Known Strangers, we listened to the music of the band. Four songs later, the band was added to the list of artists we intended to include in a post. Spanning the list, we noticed two other bands with the word “Strangers” in their name. We had already introduced one to Indie Obsessive, but that didn’t deter us from coupling the three.

     The Local Strangers specializes in Acoustic Americana. But in the song “Gasoline,” they feature an electric guitar. That occurs at the 1:45 mark of the song. The Local Strangers is based in Seattle. The members are Aubrey Zoli (vocals, percussion), Matt Hart (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar), Justin Howard (percussion, vocals), Mike DeBenedictis (electric guitar, banjo) and Ethan Sobotta (bass guitar, double bass, vocals). It is common for Aubrey Zoli and Matt Hart to schedule a tour of living room performances as Local Strangers.
     “Gasoline” by The Local Strangers

     Well-Known Strangers is based in Racine, Wisconsin. The members are Joe Adamek (guitar, keyboard, songwriting), Betsy Ade (vocals, songwriting), Roger Gower (drums), Sacia Jerome (cello), Ted Koth (lead guitar) and John Kulas (bass guitar). Jon Wolf recently left the band for family and career reasons.
     The song “Release Me” is particularly attractive, starting with piano and vocals and later taking full advantage of the cello and the kick drum.
     “Release Me” by Well-Known Strangers

     We Were Strangers is not a stranger of Indie Obsessive. He is Stefan Melbourne. “I Believe” was released in January 2015. Like “Release Me,” the song starts with piano and vocals, with the cello making a major contribution.
     “I Believe” by We Were Strangers

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