Monday, August 24, 2015

“Push Off” by The Palms – A Song Review

     Overheard at a Terraplane Sun’s performance: “I’m going to quit my job and follow this band around the U.S.” Certainly, the statement was made for emphasis and wasn’t intended to be taken literally. But the show at The Independent in San Francisco was strong enough to give the sentiment credibility.
     That was in April 2014. Two of the members of Terraplane Sun are now performing as The Palms. If you enjoy the sound of either Foster the People or Terraplane Sun, listen to “Push Off.” The voice of Ben Rothbard has characteristics in common with Mark Foster. But the features that distinguish “Push off” are the piano and the layered vocals in the final minute of the song.
     The other transplant from Terraplane Sun is guitarist Johnny Zambetti. The Palms are based in Los Angeles.

     “Push Off” by The Palms. The band is currently offering the song as a free download. Until the generous offer ends, you can download the song by CLICKING HERE.

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