Sunday, August 30, 2015

Red Beard – A Band Review

     A minimalistic email submission announced the availability of a video by Red Beard. What, no Soundcloud version? Oh well, let’s give it a spin. Wait, vinyl versions spin, not videos. Oh well, let’s give it an arrowhead pointing to the right. 
     After watching and listening to the video for the song “Hells Gates,” the search began for that song in a Soundcloud format. The search was unsuccessful, but productive because we found prior songs by Red Beard. In particular, we enjoyed “On the Run,” which uses the kick drum and “30 Seconds to Mars” band vocals (along with a guitar hook) to establish a song that provides an energy kick.
     Red Beard is from Gympie, Australia. They fuse a Heavy Rock attitude with synthesizers. Most often, their songs have a unique feel, but there are tracks that remind the listener of Imagine Dragons ("Fox Tale") or 30 Seconds to Mars (On the Run"). The members of the band are Michael McKiernan (guitar, vocals), Tom Rooney (vocals, guitar), Joel Forman (drums) and Reece Buckley (synth, vocals). Red Beard is preparing for the release of their debut album.

      “Hells Gates” by Red Beard

     “On the Run” by Red Beard

     “One Love” by Red Beard

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