Wednesday, August 12, 2015

“Orchard Beach” by Monogold – A Song Review

     A close friend (Steve A.) is a mathematician who points out that there is a finite number of ways to arrange notes and only a relatively small number of musical instruments that are conventionally used to play the arrangements. So, Steve is unsympathetic when a songwriter demands compensation because particular elements of one of his song are found in another.
     Steve is mathematically correct, but musicians aren’t close to exhausting the arrangement possibilities for a three-minute song. Nevertheless, we agree with his point that similarities among songs are a reality of musical life. If the later song has other elements that are at least as attractive as the common elements, Indie Obsessive is pleased to have two songs to enjoy.

     “Orchard Beach” is a release by Monogold, a trio based in Brooklyn, New York. The members are Keith Kelly, Jared Apuzzo and Michael Falotico. There are elements of “Orchard Beach” that are at least as attractive as the acoustic guitar that provides the background for the song. So, we are pleased to have two songs to enjoy, since Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon” has weathered the test of time.

     “Orchard Beach” by Monogold
     “Harvest Moon" by Neil Young

     Monogold will release an album on September 25, 2015. “Beach Orchard” will be one of eight tracks on “Good Heavens.”

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