Monday, August 31, 2015

Folks We Oughta Know – The August Version

     On a semi-regular basis, a post is dedicated to the Indie Folk genre. It’s been more than two months since the last Folk post, so this one is overdue. Welcome to the August version.

     The first song has harmonization and a harmonica. The Folk Rock trio Distant Cousins combined with Jessie Payo in the song “Your Story.” Distant Cousins is formed of Ami Kozak, Dov Rosenblatt and Duvid Swirsky, three songwriters/producers. Since all three are songwriters, this Los Angeles-based trio could be prolific, if they are able to avoid the dreaded “creative differences.” If you enjoy “Your Story,” we recommend listening to “On My Way.”
     "Your Story" ft. Jessie Payo


     Stephen Teckenoff is a singer/songwriter from Yallingup, Western Australia. His LinkedIn profile states that he attended college in California (Cal Poly), majoring in mechanical engineering. His song “Troubled Times” is about a less than smooth relationship. “She says…Here, I thought you were my companion; and our bond could never be undone.” Description of what “she says” includes a gentler voice and drum-free instrumentation, as compared to the chorus that starts “It’s gonna be a long cold night.”
     “Troubled Times” by Stephen Teckenoff

     Oak Tree Suite are Folk Rockers from Perth, Australia. The members are Matt Garrod (vocals, guitar, keys), Steve Lukman (guitar), Shane Tyler (bass) and Josh Lindley (drums, backing vocals). “Lo Ammi” is a biblically symbolic term for “Not my people.”
     “Lo Ammi” by Oak Tree Suite

     Chicago is a musically diverse area of the U.S., so we shouldn’t have been surprised when checking into the background of the song “Diamond Road” by Railway Gamblers. Still, there was a touch of surprise. “Diamond Road” is the type of song that causes us to consider the best position in a live performance. While listening to the vocals, we would enjoy being in front, but not center. Instead, the best position would allow a clear view of the hand movements in playing the electric guitar, while enabling quick checks of the banjo.
     The members of Railway Gamblers are Brendan Folliard (vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, piano), Matt Fricks (electric and acoustic guitars), Joe Sexton (bass, vocal harmonies) and Sean Wilmsen (drums vocals). 
     “Diamond Road” by Railway Gamblers

     Jake Houlsby is a singer/songwriter in Newcastle, UK. The song “Beyond All This” is a track on his recently released EP entitled “Yannina.
     “Beyond All This” by Jake Houlsby

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