Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Heart Is a Metronome – A Band Review

    “Listen to the music of My Heart Is a Metronome and take five educated guesses as to their origin.” Had someone challenged us with that statement, we would have fallen far short. The music is more closely aligned with South Carolina’s NEEDTOBREATHE, than to the Electronica that is typical of songs from Sweden. Yes, My Heart Is a Metronome is a band in Uppsala, Sweden.
     My Heart Is a Metronome has uploaded three songs to Soundcloud in 2015. Each is a fusion of Rock and Folk, with a greater emphasis on the Rock. The songs are embedded below. It’s not likely to last for long, but the band is currently allowing free downloads from Soundcloud.
    The members of My Heart Is a Metronome are Mattis Malinen (lead vocals, guitar), Gustaf Simonsson (bass, vocals) and Felix Carlsten (drums, vocals).

     “Feel > Think”

     “The Whistler”


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