Monday, August 24, 2015

“Trust Me” by AMFORTE – An Album Review

Reviewer: Evan Morgan (

      For Wilmington, North Carolina-based Singer/Songwriter AMFORTE, emotive acoustics (and equally impassioned lyrics) are at the core of her stripped-down, minimalistic sound. “Trust Me” is a heavy dose of 90's Acoustic Rock in the style of Counting Crows and Lisa Loeb spread across each of the album's five tracks. “Trust Me” plays upon that nostalgia and brings it into modern times in a way that's both reminiscent and refreshing.
     The album opener “Are You Happy Now” is a tongue-in-cheek number that channels the Pop/Punk spectrum in a catchy, creative manner. It's a high-energy track that's perfect as an introduction to the album, serving the dual purpose of piquing interest and boosting adrenaline simultaneously.
      “Please” is the quintessential dose of 90's nostalgia mentioned above. With little more than an acoustic guitar and a story to tell, AMFORTE leaves her heart on her strings for all to see (and hear). The Singer/Songwriter puts her vulnerability on display in full with nothing to hide behind, and, it's this level of introspection and honesty that makes “Please” an early frontrunner for best track on the album, a real standout.
      “Nothing Concrete” is like early Alanis Morissette minus the outright angst, but, even though the angst is gone, the influence is evident in the vocal phrasing, the heavy distortion, and the first introduction of driving drums. Though the track itself is on the shorter end of the spectrum, it's solid overall.
      Ultimately, “Trust Me” is equal parts heart-wrenching and heart-pounding, as stripped-down acoustic numbers sit alongside adrenaline-fueled ones. At the heart of everything, though, is a Singer/Songwriter that's utterly fearless. Whether she's lamenting a lost love or showcasing her vulnerability and asking for help, AMFORTE does so with a strength and conviction that's palpable. Such conviction isn't the over-the-top, in-your-face variety, it's the quiet confidence of an individual who believes in herself and her art, and that's a conviction you can trust.

      “Are You Happy Now” by AMFORTE

     “Please” by AMFORTE

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