Thursday, July 17, 2014

“20 Years Tall” by Sego – A song Review (and Ramblings)

      1. “Just the facts ma’am” - Sego is a Utah-to-California transplant. The Facebook page of the duo identifies the birth place of Sego as Mapleton, Utah, while the current location is Los Angeles. The two members are Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carroll.
     2. First Ramble- "Time vs Distance” – The name of the Sego song is “20 Years Tall.” That’s interesting. We understand that a “year” can be a unit of distance, since a light year is the distance that a photon will travel in one earth year. But the song “20 Years Tall” is not referring to the unit of measure that's only useful to astrologers (and maybe a fisherman describing “the one that got away”). Oh well.
      3. Second Ramble – "Metrical Rhythm” – The vocalization style within “20 Years Tall” is also interesting. It can’t be referred to as Hip-Hop, but it has the metrical rhythm that is characteristic of that genre. We aren't sure what to call it, but we enjoy this style when it is used effectively. Sego uses it effectively. At the bottom of this post, we have included a song by another Carroll, namely The Jim Carroll Band song entitled “People Who Died,” which also uses the style well. These Carroll dudes are talented!

     “20 Years Tall" by Sego (some portions of the song remind us of Beck)

     “People Who Died” by The Jim Carroll Band 

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